Water Features

Peaceful water features.
Water conservation solutions.
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Let it flow.
WE KEEP THE PEACE (with soothing Water Features)
A Lovely Trickle-Down Theory!
While landscaping adds freshness, style, and greenery to your surroundings, the element of water adds an unmistakable sense of serenity. Many of our clients contact us desiring stone fountains or rock waterfalls added to their yards and gardens.
After 20 years, we know what it takes to provide creative waterscapes for our clients. They enjoy natural rock waterfalls, bubbling brooks, fountains, zen-like Koi ponds, bird baths, ponds, streams, pools, and more!
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"Southern Scape does such amazing work. They are worth every penny and I would highly recommend them to anyone."
~Lance Winfield
WE LIQUIDATE ASSETS (Water Conservation and Management)
Water is wonderful…until there is too much of it.
Storms and winter months bring excess water to your home and property. Soggy yards lacking appropriate drainage measures can often lead to a flooded foundation and basement, and then to water and mold damage. Wet spots in your yard are a nuisance and an eyesore. Grass will die if it’s underwater for too long. Mow over wet areas and everyone is soon tracking mud into the house. Southern Scape has been a top-notch irrigation specialist for decades. Custom-designed drainage and irrigation systems are available for any situation.
Your home is your sanctuary. We are the best in the business at creating drainage plans that flow with the lines of your landscaping.
We are well-experienced in designing creek beds, dry wells, and rain gardens. We install drains and pipe out downspouts. We offer grading solutions for your landscaping to redirect the water flow…we can even recirculate it to flow into water barrels so you’re conserving and re-using Mother Nature’s gift!
"We built a new home and they have done two sections of our landscaping so far. They did a really good job and they were very polite."
~Cara Goodwin
THINK GREEN (with top-grade Irrigation Systems)
We believe that landscaping should not only be beautiful, but easy to maintain as well. To keep your property looking stunning all-year-round, we install the most advanced irrigation technology available, and we make sure it works at peak efficiency. A correctly installed and maintained landscape irrigation system saves thousands of gallons of excess outdoor water use annually.
Whether manual or automated, a solid irrigation plan can help stave off high water bills and peak demand. Irrigation systems vary by lawn size, environmental regulations, geographic location, and underground utilities. Irrigation systems are also customized based on plant life involved: trees, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, grass types, and more.
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"I worked with Southern Scape on our very first project and I was very pleased with the results. I definitely plan on using them again in the future. Great work overall."
~Zoey Phalen