5 Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home by 15%

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Southern Scape LLC | Landscaping & Outdoor Living Areas | Huntsville & Nashville
Southern Scape LLC | Landscaping & Outdoor Living Areas | Huntsville & Nashville

With the Spring Tour of Homes continuing this weekend in Huntsville, AL and with so many people putting their homes on the market in the Spring, we wanted to offer some tips to spruce up your property and increase its value.

Landscaping is one of very few home improvements that will actually allow you to get all of your investment back and more. With the proper planning and the right improvements, you can easily double or even triple your investment in your landscape when you are ready to sell. And if you don’t plan to sell, a well-maintained landscape will make living in your home an even greater joy.

Decorative, yes, but your home’s landscape also matters for financial reasons, as well. The right landscape can increase a home’s value by 15%, according to the Association of Landscape Contractors of America.

Most people think that “landscape” simply means plants. But consider the many other elements outside of your home: decks or patios, walkways, outdoor entertainment spaces, outdoor kitchens, parking areas, fences, and hardscapes–all contribute to the way your home presents itself to the world. If any of these elements are chosen without proper care, they can create a variety of problems, from lessening your home’s curb appeal to releasing toxic chemicals, increasing the likelihood of flooding and polluting the environment.

Exterior improvements are one proven way to enhance your home’s curb appeal. In addition to decks and patios, well-planned and colorful landscaping can offer added attraction value.

Here are 5 basic tips on ways to wisely invest in landscaping improvements:

1. Plush Lawns:

Perhaps the most value-added feature of a home’s curb appeal is a plush, well-manicured lawn. Find out what variety of grass grows best in your area. Be sure to adequately fertilize, and water your lawn regularly.

2. Seasonal Colors:

Be sure to plant a number of perennial plants and flowers. Add short-lived flowers each Spring for additional color.

3. Trees and Shrubs:

Well-placed trees and shrubs can make a huge difference in the allure of a home’s exterior. Check with your local nursery or give us a call to determine which trees grow best in your area and climate.

4. Consult with a Landscaping Designer:

A worthwhile investment is to utilize the services of a Landscape Designer. A professional designer can provide a well-conceived master plan that is custom to your property. You can elect to have the actual landscaping improvements performed by contractors, or simply do it yourself.

5. Pavers and Stepping Stones:

Another great feature used in landscaping are pavers and stepping stones. Design a walkway through your yard or garden using slate stones or colorful pavers. Add a small bench to create a quiet retreat for reading.