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Pools, Spas, Tanning Ledges and more!

Bring your backyard into focus.

WE MAKE A SPLASH (with amazing Pools and Spas)

Relax, unwind, energize and soak it in!
Southern Scape offers the highest quality fiberglass pools, spas and tanning ledges, and we make installing them a breeze. A pool or spa brings a whole new level of enjoyment and excitement to your home life. Whether you desire entertainment and activity or a new way to relax and a peaceful place to unwind, we are ready to help you design your dream. We have been designing and building awe-inspiring backyards for over 20 years. It all starts with a simple phone call and we will take it from there.

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    "Great services and a great team of experts! The best customer service and experience in town..."
    ~ Tiffany H.

    "The staff at Southern Scape is great. They kept me in the loop every step of the way and made adjustments to the plans for the job until I was 100% satisfied."
    ~ Roger B.
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    This process just got a little easier for you.

    You don’t have to spend your time trying to find a designer and a landscape company to work with after the pool is installed. Our staff covers every base along the way, making the whole process seamless. One of our designers will work with you to make your dreams come true through design and our landscapers will work with you to finish out the process. Landscapes to hardscapes, our work has been featured in numerous publications and selected to win quite a few awards over the past 20 years.

    We Make the Process Easy and Fun.


    Get in touch to set up a consultation. It only takes a few minutes.


    We come to you for an onsite consultation. This is when the fun begins.


    You get a proposal and we finalize the scope of the project.


    Our designers start to work with you on developing the rest of the property.

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    With You Every Step of the Way.

    We know getting a pool or a spa is a big decision, and one that will serve you for many years to come. We have a professional design staff that is seasoned in creating the most beautiful landscapes all over the Southeastern United States. We get excited to help people make a pool or spa the focal point of their backyard and the envy of the neighborhood.

    What You Have Been Dreaming of!


    We offer a wide variety of the best fiberglass pools to fit different lifestyle needs, aesthetics and price points. Whether it’s a play place to the kids, for exercise or a relaxing evening outside for adults, we have exactly what you want.


    Our spa offerings will fulfill your dreams of rest and relaxation. We have something to fit any space and any style. There are countless health benefits that come from using a spa. But we probably don’t need to sell you on those!

    Tanning Ledges

    Our many tanning ledges to choose from serve as a great place to socialize and relax or a marvelous place for young children to play. These are an awesome addition to a pool but make a splash on their own, too.

    The 5 reasons you want a fiberglass pool over a concrete or a liner pool.

    1. Easier to maintain - less time and chemicals are required for upkeep compared to other pools.

    2. Less expensive to own - less chemical costs, lack of periodic major upkeep and less time spent maintaining = more affordable.

    3. Better longevity - fiberglass pools last longer. They don’t require refinishing or new liners.

    4. Easier to install - installation can be done in is little as three days but may take up to a week. Far less time than concrete.

    5. Looks and feels better - You get a choice of colors with a fiberglass pool and the finish is smooth to the touch.

    We are Ready to Break Ground!

    Let’s put this plan into action. Reach out to us today.

    • Southern Scape Pools & Spas - design by Imagine Pools
    • Southern Scape Pools & Spas - design by Latham Pools
    • Southern Scape Pools & Spas - design by Latham Pools
    • Southern Scape Pools & Spas - design by Imagine Pools
    • Southern Scape Pools & Spas - design by Imagine Pools
    • Southern Scape Pools & Spas - design by Latham Pools
    • Southern Scape Pools & Spas - design by Imagine Pools
    • Southern Scape Pools & Spas
    • Southern Scape Pools & Spas
    • Southern Scape Pools & Spas - design by Latham Pools