Water Your Lawn…When?

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June 11, 2016

Tips to properly water plants and lawns to avoid wasting water and to keep your landscape at optimum health!

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Water properly to promote plant health and avoid runoff, the tips are easy and easy to remember.

  • Check soil moisture before watering. This will prevent over-watering, and might save you wasted time.
  • Water plants during the early morning rather than during the heat of the day or in windy weather. Avoid watering in the evening because it often will not allow enough time for your lawn to dry before nightfall. And a moist lawn at night will promote fungus growth that is not good for your lawn.
  • Use drip irrigation and soaker hoses to deliver water only where needed.
  • Use mulches on the soil surface to conserve moisture, control weeds, and maintain a uniform soil temperature. Mulch has many uses and values, it is not just to beautify your planters, though it definitely does that as well.
  • Discourage root and crown diseases by watering established trees and shrubs at their drip line. Watering trees and shrubs at their trunks is just wasting water, and can endanger your trees and shrubs!

Irrigation Scheduling, when to water your plants, trees and shrubs.

  • The amount and frequency of water needed varies greatly, depending on plant species and soil conditions.
  • Newly planted trees and shrubs need more frequent watering for up to two growing seasons until they become well rooted.
  • Once established, plants can be weaned to tolerate less frequent watering. Proper weaning develops deep roots and helps plants better tolerate drought.
  • Proper weaning develops deep roots and helps plants better tolerate drought.
  • Water established trees, shrubs, and ground covers deeply but infrequently. In the absence of rain, most trees and shrubs benefit from a once-a-month thorough watering.
  • Normal lawn watering is not a substitute for the thorough watering required by the deeper roots of trees and shrubs.

Those are some simple tips that will make a big difference in maintaining your landscaping!